Chinese Cigar Market Report


According to the statistical analysis conducted by the Cigar Ambassador magazine for the past nine years, the Chinese cigar consumption had increased by 700% from 2005 to 2014. This rate of growth continue to increase in recent years.


Chinese Cigar Consumers

For a country with four hundred million smokers, the promotion of cigar culture and a healthier style presents a promising potential. Statistics show that more than 70% of new cigar consumers used to smoke cigarette; 53% of these people switched to smoking cigars out of health concerns; 60% consider smoking cigar as a way to reduce pressure and 35% consider cigars as a representation of social status. 30% of the new cigar consumers did not smoke cigarettes before and are influenced by co-workers and friends.


Imported Cigars

In the past, Chinese cigar consumers only know of Cuban cigars. Now as more cigars are imported and consumed in the Chinese market, Chinese cigar consumers are more familiar to cigars from other places such as Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. In recent years, the amount of imported cigars grew rapidly. This amount reached nine hundred and twenty thousand in 2012 and 1.3 million in 2013.


Chinese Cigar Industry

While the Chinese cigar industry had a late start, it is offering various high-end new products in the recent years. A fundamental cigar market has been established in almost every economically developed cities. The Chinese domestic cigars, with years of researching and development, have improved drastically. Chinese cigar factories are also cooperating with international cigar companies to bring Chinese consumers better products. 

As a whole the Chinese cigar market is growing rapidly and has a promising future. The Chinese cigar industry is thriving to introduce cigar culture to smokers and bring better products to cigar consumers.

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