Cigar Ambassador established in 2005 in Shanghai, China by Ms. Lily Wang and Mr. Edward Jin, Cigar Ambassador focuses mainly on promoting cigar culture and the Chinese cigar industry.

Under the Cigar Ambassador® brand are the Asia Cigar Media Co., Ltd., which is responsible for editing, publishing and distributing theMagazine; the Siglo Cigar Trading Co., Ltd. In charge of 6 cigar shops and clubs in shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Santo Domingo; the  Cigar Ambassador Investment Co., Ltd. which provides solutions and consulting services for Chinese cigar businesses; the C.A.C. International Tobacco Trading Co., Ltd. in Dominican Republic, which imports and exports Central and South American tobacco and other products; the Cigar Ambassador Caribbean Investment S.R.L (C.A.C.) in Dominican Republic focusing on Chinese companies to invest in the Caribbean region.

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