The 4th China Cigar Festival has been successfully held during Nov.1-3 in Shanghai. The theme of this Festival is Cigar Brands in China Market. Here we provide a brief review of the event:


On the night of Nov.1, the opening ceremony 2015 China Big Smoke began on a Huangpu River Cruise. More than 300 cigar smokers from home and abroad attended this Big Smoke. Besides the traditional events, such as casino, cigar tasting, salsa and etc, Mr. Carlito from the famous cigar brand A. Fuente came to China and attended China Cigar Festival for the first time. All guests enjoyed an unforgettable night. During cigar tasting guests shared a torpedo cigar hand made by Shandong Tobacco, which were welcomed by all the Chinese and overseas cigar smokers. 


Seminar on “Cigar Branding in China Market” was held on Nov.2, at the 1933 Old Millfun Conference Center,  by Lily Wang, the founder & publisher of Cigar Ambassador. Represents of both Chinese and international cigar industry workers discussed about their favorite cigar brands and shared ideas of cigar quality, package, enhancing promotion and providing tasting to Chinese cigar brands. At the end of the seminar, the “Famous Cigar Brands & Cigars in China Market” list was released. All the data were collected from several months’ research on Weibo, WeChat, the Cigar Ambassador APP and surveys in the cigar retail stores. Cohiba from Cuba won the first place certainly. Also on the list were Romeo y Julieta, Partagás from Cuba and non-Cuban brands, such as Davidoff, A. Fuente, Padrón and ect. Meanwhile, “Great Wall” from Chuanyu Tobacco won the Chinese Famous Cigar Brand and “Mount Tai” from Shandong Tobacco and William Ventura from Dominican won the prize of “Star of Tomorrow”.


At the afternoon of Nov.2, “A Day for Cigar Lovers” was held at Cigar Ambassador 1933 Club. Cigar lovers gathered and participated in events such as cigar and rum pairing, whisky tasting, lighting cigar with Cedar wood, the longest ash competition. The event of “Customize Your Cigar” was first held on this year’s China Cigar Festival which satisfied the need of smokers having a special cigar. Through this event, we also collected the data of Chinese smokers’ preference on cigar size, color, flavor, cigar band, package and others.


The most exciting and important part of this Festival was the Glory of Fuente: Cigar & Jazz Gala Dinner, held on the night of Nov.2, at Indigo Hotel. Mr. Carlito, the successor of A.Fuente came to China for the first time and picked out six different Fuente cigars for Chinese smokers. The year 2015 is the 10th anniversary of Cigar Ambassador, also the 20th anniversary of Fuente Fuente Opus X. All the guests enjoyed a wonderful cigar & jazz dinner.


The Tobacco Lecture on tobacco plantation, processing, blending and rolling was held on Nov.3 as the ending of 2015 China Cigar Festival. Dominican tobacco experts, Mr. Leo Reyes and factory manager of William Ventura, Mr. Henderson Ventura exchanged their views and ideas with Chinese peers.


Congratulations on the success of 2015 China Cigar Festival and see you at the 2016 China Cigar Festival!

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