12 Years Elaborate Accomplishments Cigar Ambassador New Release 2017 UNO Serie
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Cigar Ambassador founded in 2005, its been a round of Chinese calendar of 12 years. Started from amagazine, now in possession of cigar shops and clubs in Shanghai,Beijing,Shenzen,R.Dominicana, establishment of Cigar Ambassador training course, China Cigar Festival and CAC tobacco factory in R.Dominicana

Will be released in China, USA and R.Dominican on 8th fo April,2017.

Step 1:

Tasting Time for UNO Serie 3 Vitolas, Daily Enjoy, Classic and Gran Reserve.

20th,Feb.—31st,Mar. 2017

Step 2:

Early Birds Benefits Up to 50% off,  a deposit of RMB100/Box needed.

2月20-2月28日预定     享受上市价的5折

3月1日-3月10日预定     享受上市价的6折

3月11日-3月20日预定    享受上市价的7折

3月21日-3月31日预定    享受上市价的8折

Step 3: 

Prizes to Win by filling the tasting report.


Regional Partners Welcomed!

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