Big Smoke and gala dinner of 5th China Cigar Festival 2016 are held in Fuzhou on Nov.2nd
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So many cigar lovers have participated in Big Smoke and gala dinner of 5th China Cigar Festival 2016 in Fuzhou Wanzhu LoungeBar on Nov.2nd

Big Smoke

Anhui Wangguan Cigar plays a leading role.

So many beautiful cigar smoking moments

Who has the longest ash?

Of course Wangguan Cigar has an outstanding performance.

What a shame

An experienced cigar lover uses cedar wood to light his cigar

Female cigar lovers

A real cigar?


Cigar rolling performance

Our handsome cigar sommelier Daniel provides professional onsite service.

Gala Dinner

Lily Wang introduces relative cigar brand stories.

Cigar&Whisky Time

Singing Performance

Cigar Rolling Performance

So many cigar lovers are happily together. 

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