5th China Cigar Festival 2016 successfully opens in Shanghai on Oct.29th
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5th China Cigar Festival 2016 has been successfully opened in Shanghai Pura Vida Club on Oct.29th.


Scene 1Salon for Cigar Beginners

Basic knowledge about cigars are introduced in this salon. 

Scene 2Senior Salon of Cigar Blind Tasting

Tobacco features from different regions are discussed among senior cigar lovers in this salon, then they have blind tasting and rating together. 


Anhui New Cigar Launch Event

Lottery Activity

Other Activities

Cigar Rolling Experience


Cigar Sales Training

Some cigar lovers visit cigar shop to learn about practical cigar sales knowledge and experience.

Poker Tournament

Who is the final winner?


Gala Dinner

Before the dinner, guests communicate with each other in rest room.

Singing Performance

Petra Yolanda Medina González is awarded "Master of Cigar Roller" prize.

Petra Yolanda Medina González gives amazing cigar rolling performance.

Migdalia gives performance of cigar rolling on her leg. 

Ariel Sánchez García is awarded "Master of Art Cigar Humidor Maker " prize. 

Our best friend Mr. Huang Zhaoqiang and Richard

Wonderful Magic Show

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