The 6th China Cigar Festival 2017  was held in October.

 2017 seems to be a remarkable year in China cigar history, China cigar industry started from nil, regardless of tobacco material, fermentation, formula, rolling, packaging and sales etc., we all have witnessed enormous progress. Nevertheless, following the rising of China cigar industry and the increasing of China cigar consumers, a large amount of fake cigars emerged to the market as well. Close attention needed by industrial authorization, local manufactories, retailers, as well as consumers in this regard.

The 6th China Cigar Festival is in largest scale in terms of consumer’s area, various activities such as Big Smoke party, cigar tasting, gala dinners and so on was held in ShangHai and FuZhou.And also,we have invited specialists and entrepreneurs from around the world, such as Mr. Carlito Fuente of Fente Cigar to present at our Fuente Gala Dinner.  


The Grand Opening of the 6th China Cigar Festival 2017

On October 13th, the 6th China Cigar Festival 2017 opened grandly in Shanghai Pura Vida of Cigar Ambassador®. On the first day of the opening of the cigar festival, colorful activities were held one after another, for example, cigar tasting in the lobby bar, in the first floor, cigar rolling performance and Russian painting exhibition in the corridor, poems and cigar in room 101, imported accessories display in room106, ZENITH watches experience in room109, friendly cricket matches in room103, and in the second floor, besides the chess and card room, Mulan study, gym, there is also a professional cigar tasting in Fuente cigar theme Room.


The opening ceremony was first held on the opening day of the 6th China Cigar Festival 2017. Manager Lily Wang and manager Edward Jin delivered speeches and announced ‘the official opening of on the opening the 6th China Cigar Festival 2017’ together. All cigar lovers took a group photo and then formally opened the activity day of Cigar Ambassador®.


Cigar Tasting

Venue: Fuente cigar theme room on the second floor

Subject: witness the development of China cigar factory this year and the recent situation of cigar tobacco in China

Number: more than ten professional tasters with years of smoking cigar experience

Blind tasting cigars: A. New cigars made of Hainan tobacco

                                    B. A limited edition cigars developed for the century-old celebration of the domestic cigar factory

C. The reserve blend for the cigar factory

D. Mature cigar products

Tasting results:

A cigars: more than 60% of the raw materials of Hainan tobacco cigar is Hainan tobacco, and the rest is Dominican tobacco, both of which are blended together. According to the tasting table, all cigar lovers felt satisfied with the combustibility and architecture of soot, but they thought the aroma was not good and rich enough.Started with grass flavour, but not nasty unsmooth flavour. Soon after two cm wood flavour replaced grass one. Cigar gradually got into a better state.

           B cigars: everyone acknowledged B cigar is the best in four cigars with rich aroma. In addition to wood, nut, B cigars have rich nutmeg and flowers. They are sweet embellish, comfortable and clean.

           C cigar: they are fragrant and comfortable, starting with wood incense, the middle part of obvious bean fragrance with a good feeling of silky sweetness, good taste, no discomfort, and obvious character, full of curiosity and imagination space,

           D cigar: it is a mature cigar blend with beautiful soot perfect structure, rich aroma.

While listening to Edward’s introduction, everyone was intoxicated in their own smoking status, listened to other cigar lovers who have unique experiences of smoking... The cigar tasting was lively and everyone responded actively .

Bourbon Whisky with Cigar Tasting


Venue: lobby bar in the first floor

Keynote speaker: veteran cigar lover Richard


Wine lovers will be familiar with Bourbon Whiskey. Richard, coming from afar, has brought three types of Bourbon Whisky to China's cigar lovers. In the process of tasting, Richard patiently explained differences between Bourbon Whiskey and American Whisky for everyone. The raw material of Bourbon Whiskey is corn, and it should be distillated twice in a special way before the birth. It tastes stronger than American Whisky. The visitors tasted wine and cigars at the scene. The atmosphere was very warm. Finally, the Chinese and foreign cigar lovers raised their cups and cheered "Salud! Salud!" .




Russian poetry reading club

Venue: Room 101

It is said that "recite classics, warm feelings". In Russian literature reading poetry club, we chose our favorite Russian classic poetry. Mr Jianfeng wang, an associate professor from academy of fine arts of Shanghai normal university read Pushkin's masterpiece "If by life you were deceived “in Russian for everyone, and then the director of the Shanghai opera actor, Mr. Chungshing Wang read Pushkin's poetry and sang the famous song “Moscow Nights”. The friends present were also active to recite many of the Russian classics, for example, the collector Ms. YueZhang read passages of Dostoevsky's “crime and punishment”.Infected by poetry and paintings, the atmosphere is so warm that the friends who love the arts and culture can get together and communicate.



Russian Painting exhibition

Venue: the corridor in the first floor


The official opening of Pura Vida to public is another beautiful and excellent panting exhibition after April's South American oil painting collection of the southwestern wind in the Andes. The exhibition is Ms. zhang yue's personal collection and a group exhibition of eight artists in total. Artists from Nikolai josephevych from the Leningrad Institute of art to HuangLaiduo from Shenyang Luxun Art Academy. It shew visitors the full-bodied Russia national characteristics, let everyone feel different amorous feelings of Russian paintings and Russian oil painting's impact on

Chinese artists.

Calligraphy Communication


Lotus Cigar Accessories Display

Zenith Watch

Cricket Friendly Match




Latin Night


 2017 Fuente China Gala Dinner(Shanghai)


Time:Oct.14th , 2017

Address: Group 55



Five tasting Fuente Cigars:

Arturo Fuente  Hemingway Short Story

Arturo Fuente Magnum R 44

Arturo Fuente Anejo Extra Viejo Shark 77

Fuente Fuente OpusX Robusto

Fuente Fuente Opus X 20周年系列雪茄Father& Son


Cigar Family




2017 Fuente China Gala Dinner(Fuzhou)

Big Smoke














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