5th China Cigar Festival 2016

The 5th China Cigar Festival has been successfully held from Oct.29th to Nov.6th this year. To promote cigar culture, develop cigar industry in China and meet cigar lovers’ requirements, 《Cigar Ambassador》magazine has been organizing China Cigar Festival since 2012.  This year, we have conducted various cigar activities and events including cigar tasting, professional cigar sales training, cigar blind tasting, cigar lectures,cigar gala dinner, Big Smoke and Chinese cigar launch respectively in Shanghai, Beijing, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Shunde and Guangzhou. More and more cigar fans have participated in our festival and we learnt about various cigar culture from different regions in China. We feel proud and excited that cigar culture has developed so rapidly in China currently. 

Shanghai: The 5th China Cigar Festival 2016 has been successfully started in Shanghai Pura Vida Club on Oct.29th.

Salon for Cigar Beginners

Senior Salon of Cigar Blind Tasting

Anhui Wang Guan Cigar Launch Event



Professional Cigar Sales Training&Poker Tournament

Cigar Gala Dinner

 Beijing: The cigar lecture has been organized perfectly in Beijing on Oct.30th.

Fuzhou: Cigar lovers have participated in Big Smoke and gala dinner in Fuzhou on Nov.2nd.

Big Smoke


Cigar Gala Dinner


Shenzhen: Cigar lovers were happily together to have gala dinner in Shenzhen on Nov.4th.


Shunde: The wonderful white dinner was held in Shunde on Nov.5th.

Guangzhou: 5th China Cigar Festival 2016 has concluded satisfactorily in Guangzhou on Nov.6th.

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